Official Release
This book is available in print through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers.  Users of KINDLE, IPAD, and other portable devices can download a copy by clicking HERE .   
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Hope Redefined.
Endless Perspective of Life

Endless Perspective of Life is a book of poetry that anyone can identify with, written from life experiences and inspiration that explores the boundaries of faith and life revealing a simple truth.  There are no boundaries.
Why the book was written
I started writing poetry several years ago just being inspired by love I have experienced, and learning day by day how wonderful God really is.  Some of these things were seen in incredible experiences, others in quiet beauty.  Each piece I wrote seemed to focus in a different way on a passion for living, or strength of faith and love.  Over time I began to share these by email with people who have gone through difficult experiences or tragedy.  Each and every time I received incredible feedback of how that particular poem directly addressed the circumstance, helped the person through a difficult time, and gave hope.  Out of this continued feedback my wife and I arrived at a decision.  We needed to do our best to share these with as many people possible.  Tate Publishing made that dream come true.
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Pray for people effected by recent disasters here and abroad.

The Living Forum 
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Through I will take you to something new.  These are my current works that I am posting as they can address issues that people are going through.  Perhaps someone would contact me on a first name basis about something they are going through, I can post what I write in response, and it may just help more than one out there.  

Partnering Websites
This is a ministry based in Virginia where Pastor Steve and other Christians are bringing the inspiring truth of Jesus Christ into contemporary culture.